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Brand New Me

Apr 25, 2018

From childhood panic attacks, summer camp, college sweethearts, an affair and all the way to her first husband's death—it's all part of the story that Pam, our favorite podcast co-host, shares with us as we continue our spiritual mapping exercise in Part 2 of this series.

It IS possible to go through tough stuff and...

Apr 18, 2018

What are the significant events in your life—from childhood to your present age that have greatly impacted your life? How do they affect who you are today? Does it even matter?

In this episode, Pam walks Frances through the process of spiritual mapping to give you a sense of the power behind looking back at how life...

Apr 11, 2018

What do trucks, mini vans moms and baskets have in common?  For Joanna Dennstaedt they are very connected! She has a story to tell and we know you're going to love her enthusiasm, sense of humor and courage in the midst of a struggle for her health. 

Meet our guest on her website and consider sending a basket of hope to...

Apr 4, 2018

What's on your mind these days? It's a great question to start a conversation. That very question led to a very interesting chat between Frances and Pam. The subject of joy was on Pam's mind, but when she asked Frances about joy, you might be surprised at the response.