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Brand New Me

Jun 27, 2018

High School graduation is over and many are headed off to college. What happens in the heart of a parent when your child leaves the nest? Jessica Cole shares the struggles she faced when this happened to her. 

Jessica is a worship leader, singer/songwriter and the wife of a Pastor. Her voice will touch your heart both...

Jun 20, 2018

How do men and women fulfill their roles in the Kingdom of God? Pastor Dave Hess shares his heart with us on the issue of men and women ministering together in the church and as the church in the world. He brings new revelation concerning the scripture that states women shouldn’t speak, teach or have authority in...

Jun 13, 2018

Rest. Trust. Hope. You're not alone. What happens when God doesn't come through the way you hoped and prayed? Author and speaker, Dave Hess, is back again this week to share thoughts on what to do when you are disappointed with your circumstances and outcome.

We wrap up this week's episode with a beautiful song...

Jun 6, 2018

"Hope Beyond Reason"—It's not just a book title, it's Dave Hess's story of his journey through Leukemia! Yes, he lived to tell about it and it's nothing short of a miracle. 

Also, we are reaching the milestone of ONE YEAR AND Episode # 50! Lots to celebrate, so we're working on some new stuff!

At the end of this...