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Brand New Me

Nov 28, 2018

In Mark Batterson’s book “Chase the Lion”, he shares about a story shop called Bittersweet Foundation, where they capture stories about great things that are happening in the lives of people. 

In today’s episode, Frances and Pam bring this concept to the podcast by sharing some highlights from three stories from...

Nov 21, 2018

The Rabbit Room refers to the name of the back room of a pub where the Oxford Inklings (including Lewis, Tolkien, and Charles Williams) shared their stories. 

So who are you hanging around that inspires you to dream bigger? What kind of people do you spend time with?

From lion chasers to rabbit holes to turkey day,...

Nov 14, 2018

One decision we make can impact another person’s life, like a domino effect. Little things you do can have a big impact on someone else.
Frances and Pam share the importance of facing your fears and how the simple act of doing that will cause a chain reaction that will impact others. 
We would love to hear...

Nov 7, 2018

Are you experiencing pain today? Pay attention to your feelings. Not being driven by them, but realizing that there is a reason behind your feelings. Healing and growth come when we pay attention to our feelings. 

Frances and Pam share some of their own deep feelings that they have embraced which have led them on...