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Brand New Me

Nov 3, 2021

As a songwriter, I set my life to music. I paint my songs like portraits. They become particular expressions of who I am, or who I have been along the way. These songs organize themselves around a particular theme with later becomes a CD project. I love to share these with an audience in a concert setting because it...

Oct 28, 2021

Do your wages determine your value?

What if you invest in a dream but don't get paid very much? Would you still do it? Should you do it?

This week's podcast comes from the answer to a Portraits of White fan question: "Do you make enough from Portraits of White to pay yourself?"


Oct 20, 2021

"There's nothing so powerful as an idea who's time has come." — Jim Rohn
Sometimes ideas can feel like little mosquitos who are pesky and want a place to land and suck your blood. At least, that’s how I feel some days. I can’t possibly carry out all of the ideas that pop into my mind or give them a place to...

Oct 13, 2021

What inspires you? How can you turn that into creativity?

Frances answers the question from a Portraits of White fan; "What inspires you to create?" 

Do you have to "feel" inspired to write a song or create something?


Oct 6, 2021

When do you feel the most free? What is your safe place? Is there hope when it comes to freedom of the soul?

This week's Portraits of White fan question made me start thinking about life in general. I've been reflecting on the journey toward a "Brand New Me" and how it brought me to a new place of freedom. The question...