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Brand New Me

Mar 27, 2019

In this episode Frances and Pam share the creativity they inherited from their Mother’s (well, it depends on who's talking) and how we sometimes compare ourselves to our Mom’s.

We all need to realize that comparison is all about conformity and competition.  It can become the “Thief of Happiness” that can clearly steal our joy and make us feel bad about ourselves.

Listen in as we tell you how to get deliberate, get inspired and get going in finding your creative part.

We are all creative in our own right.  We are unique and God has given us all a gift to share in this world!

This week's episode features a new song written by Frances' record producer, Eric Copeland and sung by Chris Rodriguez. Chris has been a guitarist and vocalist for Peter Cetera, Kenny Loggins, Keith Urban and many others. Listen here: "This Could Be Your Day" - by Chris Rodriguez