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Brand New Me

Oct 31, 2017

In one heartbeat, all the hopes and dreams of Sarah Schieber's heart changed.  Literally.  On October 7th, 2007, as Chad (her husband) and Sarah were running the Chicago Marathon, he collapsed and went home to be with Jesus right there on the streets of south Chicago. 

Sarah says, "In one instant, I became a 33-year-old widow and a single mama to three young children. 

Through the ensuing journey of grief, I found my Lord to be so faithful and gentle.  He led me through the valley.  He never abandoned me or told me I had to hurry up and be happy.  He was a faithful friend and a constant comfort to me in the loneliest and darkest days of my life. 

While my story has its own unique features, the reality is that people everywhere are struggling. 

Pain is no respecter of persons or religions.  If you walk this earth you will certainly experience heartache along the way.  The wonderful news is that we serve a God who cares about every situation we walk through. 

The good news, also, is that we serve a God who walks WITH us THROUGH every situation".

Sarah is the beautiful voice behind the song, Christmas in Heaven, written by Paul Marino and Jeremy Johnson, and we're happy to feature the song here as part of her interview.

Through a series of wonderful miracles, Sarah got to record the song in Nashville during September of 2008.  Released to Christian radio in November 2008, it climbed to #15 on the national Soft AC/Inspirational chart published by Radio & Records, the industry's leading magazine. Sarah also sold nearly 4,000 copies of the CD single from her home. "This just doesn't happen!" says Wendell Gafford, a fifteen year radio promotions veteran and President of Creative Promotions, hired to promote "Christmas In Heaven." We've promoted over 200 national Top 20 singles and I don't ever remember a song having this kind of impact!"

Christmas in Heaven has continued to bless many people during the ensuing years and this last holiday season found the song ministering in a profound way to people all over the county in the aftermath of the devastation school shooting in Newtown, CT on Dec. 14, 2012. DJ Johnny Burke,WHNN-FM radio personality, had so many requests for the song that he put together a remix of Sarah's Christmas in Heaven with President Obama's reading of the victims names from the community interfaith service. The remix of the song was played all across the nation for the rest of the holiday season.

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