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Brand New Me

Jun 6, 2018

"Hope Beyond Reason"—It's not just a book title, it's Dave Hess's story of his journey through Leukemia! Yes, he lived to tell about it and it's nothing short of a miracle. 

Also, we are reaching the milestone of ONE YEAR AND Episode # 50! Lots to celebrate, so we're working on some new stuff!

At the end of this week's episode, you'll hear a special song from singer/songwriter Skylar Kaylyn—another Creative Soul Records artist. (Creative Soul Records is the label that Frances is a part of.)

You can check out her Skylar's music here: We're featuring her song "This Too Shall Pass" this week. You can buy it on iTunes.  

We are excited to start sharing other independent musician's music on our episodes, as well as some of the music from Frances' own catalog.

We encourage you to support indie artists by purchasing the songs you hear on these episodes on iTunes. This week also features an oldie but goodie from Frances' project, "My Refuge". You can buy the song "Turn and Look in His Eyes" on iTunes.