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Brand New Me

Aug 8, 2018

Your dream is rarely just about you. It's usually going to either inspire someone else, meet a need in the world or help to complete someone else's dream and maybe even all three!

These can all serve as motivations to figure out what you were created to do and be! They help you think "big picture".

Frances and Pam delve into chapter 2 of "Chase the Lion" by Mark Batterson. 

In this episode, they mention Brandon Hess and his dream to do a movie about the Wright Brothers. His first short film, called "First in Flight", inspired Frances to do Portraits of White—a great example of a dream within a dream. Learn more about his film here. 

Frances responds to a listener who wonders if she did the right thing by devoting her life to her children. Now that they are grown up and gone, she is wondering what to do with her life. 

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